March 2nd – March 31th


March... Madness?

What's going on πŸ‘€

Last year was crazy. Really GOOD THINGS happened, I met so many talented musicians and I worked on 100+ songs with artists from ALL OVER THE WORLD. So far I never had the chance to thank all the people who trusted me with their music. I truly feel blessed and I WANT TO DO SOMETHING IN RETURN.

That’s why, throughout the whole month of March, I’ll offer you a huge 20 USD DISCOUNT for every friend/musician that you bring to get their song mixed and mastered. UP TO 4 FRIENDS! Yes. I’m sure πŸ˜‚. To spread the workload a bit – because I still want to be alive in April – you can earn up to 80 USD discount in total (4 friends x 20 USD discount), but you can redeem up to 40 USD per mix+master. Huuuuh? More information below πŸ‘‡

Bring A Friend

Let's work! πŸš€πŸ™

How It WorksπŸ”₯

#1 Place Your "Order"

Just as usual, shoot me a message on Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage or by using the contact form on the Homepage of my website to get the mix and master of your song started.

#2 Bring Your Friend(s)

On your invoice you’ll find a reference number, starting with “OYO20“. To “bring” your friends, give them that reference number and tell your friend(s) to mention that same reference number when they contact me. This way I’ll know who referred who, to avoid any confusion.

Oh and by the way, a friend can only be referred once! So if friend A gets referred by artist B, then artist C or D can not “bring” friend A anymore.

I’d appreciate it if they would also give me a follow on InstagramπŸ™

#3 And... the discount?

Good question! Let’s say that you sent me one song to mix and master; mix 50 USD and master 30 USD (my actual rates). FourΒ of your friends contacted me with your reference number. You are eligible for the – in this situation 80 USD – discount once all payments have been made.

If you sent me a song, and you’re eligible for discount after, then I’ll apply up to 40 USD discount per mix+master retroactively. The remaining discount $ will be applied on your next mix+master.

Got It! Anything Else?

Yes! Your discount earned in March will be valid until May 31th. So you basically get three months to use all your discount $.

I’ll start working on your song – and you’re eligible for the discount – as soon as the corresponding invoice has been paid. Any payments made or any songs sent outside of the month of March will be seen as a regular mix+master and therefore the corresponding song, reference number or “brought” friend won’t be eligible for discount.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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